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When you're in need of expert legal assistance, rely on The Law Offices of Bohdan J. Zelechiwsky in Allentown, Pennsylvania. We concentrate in matters of criminal defense and family law but are also experienced in civil litigation, estate probate, and business law. Attorney Zelechiwsky understands that being involved in a legal dispute can be very stressful. You need somebody you can rely on and trust; who can give you a straight, honest answer without just telling you what you want to hear. Your case is a very important event in your life that can have a lasting impact on your future. Rest assured Attorney Zelechiwsky will make sure your case is resolved in your favor. Request a free initial consultation today!
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Backed by nearly 30 years of experience, The Law Offices of Bohdan J. Zelechiwsky understands our clients' needs and does everything possible to accommodate them. Attorney Zelechiwsky always puts himself in his client's shoes so he can give them effective and honest representation. He stays current with recent case law and developments within the law to best evaluate each unique situation. If you find yourself in an emergency, don't sweat it. Attorney Zelechiwsky is available outside office hours to fit your needs!
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